You probably know me already

My name is Tarak Gorai and I am a hobbyist photographer from Greater London. Yes, by no means do I claim to be a professional yet, but I love to capture your winsome smile, in a natural setting. My style of photography is natural, creative and most of all relaxing!  I capture the moment as it happens, with no set poses or forced smiles. Almost all the images I’ll shoot will capture events as they unfold naturally, but I also love to get some really stunning creative shots.


My Primary Profession

Corporate business management, strategy, and deals are my profession. Currently working in the city of London and studying Executive MBA from the University of Oxford. Any time remaining after spending quality time with my growing family, I spend it on the camera, books and model planes. I love to travel and work had made me migrate to seven countries, finally anchoring in UK to make it my home. Love the otherwise hated British weather. 


How to best use this site

I built this platform for easy delivering the multitude of photos I take at my social gathering at the request of friends. and family.

  • You can share, print
  • You can make novelty 


My photos distinctively tell a story and are greatly suited for social media and keepsakes. If you like what you see and want to know more please call me +44 7921699563 or contact me. I would love to accommodate some time and capture your moments in a friendly and fun manner.